• Black Future Q1 Quad Fins
  • Black Future Q1 Quad Fins, Stewart Surfboards Exclusive Dealer.

Black Future Fins: Q1 Quad Set


Product Description

In case you haven't noticed Quad Fin set ups are in and Future Fins is on point! Not long ago the surf world thought three was better than four thus the Thruster revolution began. Fast forward to circa 2005 and the NEW thought is that three is not better than four just different. Thus,depending on surf style surfers will bicker over which is better, when in all reality we all want a Quad in our quiver now. Well, if you have aquad Future Fins is there for you, designing a Quad line that was coming down the pipes long before Quads were cool. (again) So here we are and Future Fins has us saying, "Welcome back Quad!" . Works great in our smaller DEUCE & BTY Models


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